Ledermann America Galerie is a store specializing in Quartz (Hyaline Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine & Citrine) Minerals and Gemstones from South and North America, with a special focus on Bolivia and some exclusive Minerals from this area.
Some of these exclusive minerals and gems include:

The Ametrine, can only be found in the South Eastern part of Bolivia, La Gaiba District – Santa Cruz, when properly faceted, creates a scheme of colors that go from the colourless to yellow, blue, violet and to a deep purple, like a volcano eruption.

The Vivianite of Morococala stunned the world with its extraordinary beauty. Vivianite crystals, with their emerald green seem to be perched, by a whim of nature, on an iridescent matrix similar to a fine Persian rug. Although the matrix of Morococala is unique due to its beauty, the Vivianite crystals from Huanuni surpass them in size, color and quality.

Many connoisseurs consider the Phosphophyllite from San Luis, Potosi and other recently discovered mineral deposits around Potosi, the “Holy Grail” among minerals due to its extraordinary beauty and rarity, and its distinct aqua green and delicate bluish hue.

The Cassiterite, with Gem Quality that comes from Viloco, is the most beautiful in the planet, its color-scheme oscillates from champagne to cognac and boasts a reddish green hue, and its brilliance surpasses that of the diamond, once it is faceted.


ArteCorp is a Company specializing in Quartz Minerals and Gemstones from South and North America, and also a retailer of Masterpieces of Carvings and Sculptures of Precious Stones and Metals.

We are also a retailer of pre formed and faceted Gemstones. We make special prices and conditions for retailers.