ARTE CORP is a company, specializing only in top quality Ametrine gemstones from the heart of South America. This business focuses on delivering exclusive Ametrine jewels and hand craft sculptures. We carefully choose the colourfullest Ametrine gemstones and work aside with worldwide renowned and awards winning master carvers and engravers that have transformed this magnificent Ametrine gemstones into unique masterpieces.

What makes Ametrine unique?

Due to a geological failure that has created a new gemstone with a combination of colors, ranging from almost transparent to yellow, orange and deep violet. This mix of colors creates an inside beam that makes Ametrine stand up from any other gemstone.

Our business is particularly focused on creating art pieces never seen before and on promoting a modern style of Ametrine cuts. Thanks to the high level of master carvers/engravers working with us and the meticulous use of the finest quality of Ametrine, we have been able to make the true colors of the gemstone shine. We have also created shape designs that are completely revolutionary compared to the traditional Gem cuts.