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Amethyst Mun. Las Vigas de Ramírez, Veracruz, Mexico

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal Selvino, Seriana Valley, Bergamo Province, Lombardy, Italy

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Taquaral, Itinga, Jequitinhonha valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Mooralla, Southern Grampians Shire, Victoria, Australia











Formula: SiO2 System: Trigonal Colour: Colorless, Purple, Rose, Lustre: Vitreous Hardness: 7
Quartz has been known and appreciated since pre-historic times. The most ancient name known is recorded by Theophrastus in about 300-325 BCE, κρύσταλλος or kristallos. The varietal names, rock crystal and bergcrystal, preserve the ancient usage. The root words κρύοσ signifying ice cold and στέλλειυ to contract (or solidify) suggest the ancient belief that kritallos was permanently solidified ice.

The earliest printed use of “querz” was anonymously published in 1505, but attributed to a physician in Freiberg, Germany, Ulrich Rülein von Kalbe (a.k.a. Rülein von Calw, 1527). Agricola used the spelling “quarzum” (Agricola 1530) as well as “querze”, but Agricola also referred to “crystallum”, “silicum”, “silex”, and silice”. Tomkeieff (1941) suggested an etymology for quartz: “The Saxon miners called large veins – Gänge, and the small cross veins or stringers – Querklüfte. The name ore (Erz, Ertz) was applied to the metallic minerals, the gangue or to the vein material as a whole.

In the Erzgebirge, silver ore is frequently found in small cross veins composed of silica. It may be that this ore was called by the Saxon miners ‘Querkluftertz’ or the cross-vein-ore. Such a clumsy word as ‘Querkluftertz’ could easily be condensed to ‘Querertz’ and then to ‘Quertz’, and eventually become ‘Quarz’ in German, ‘quarzum’ in Latin and ‘quartz’ in English.” Tomkeieff (1941, q.v.) noted that “quartz”, in its various spellings, was not used by other noted contemporary authors. “Quartz” was used in later literature referring to the Saxony mining district, but seldom elsewhere.

Gradually, there were more references to quartz: E. Brown in 1685 and Johan Gottschalk Wallerius in 1747. In 1669, Nicolaus Steno (Niels Steensen) obliquely formulated the concept of the constancy of interfacial angles in the caption of an illustration of quartz crystals. He referred to them as “cristallus” and “crystallus montium”.

Tomkeieff (1941) also noted that Erasmus Bartholinus (1669) used the various spellings for “crystal” to signify other species than quartz and that crystal could refer to other “angulata corpora” (bodies with angles): “In any case in the second half of the XVIIIth century quartz became established as a name of a particular mineral and the name crystal became a generic term synonymous with the old term ‘corus angulatum’.”
Polymorph of:
Coesite, Cristobalite, Mogánite, Seifertite, Stishovite, Tridymite
Isostructural with: Berlinite
Quartz is the most common mineral found on the surface of the Earth. If pure, quartz forms colorless, transparent and very hard crystals with a glass-like luster. A significant component of many igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, this natural form of silicon dioxide is found in an impressive range of varieties and colours.
Macro- and Cryptocrystalline Quartz
Quartz occurs in two basic forms:

1. The more common macrocrystalline quartz is made of visible crystals or grains. Examples are rock crystals, the grains in sandstone, but also massive quartz that is made of large crystallites without any crystal faces, like vein quartz.


Macrocrystalline Quartz Smoky Quartz

Macrocrystalline Quartz: Smoky Quartz

Macrocrystalline Quartz: Rose Quartz

Macrocrystalline Quartz: Quartz Grains in a Sandstone









2. Cryptocrystalline quartz or microcrystalline quartz is made of dense and compact aggregates of microscopic quartz crystals and crystallites. Examples are agate and chert. The different types of cryptocrystalline quartz are colloquially subsumed under the term chalcedony, although that term has a more strict definition in scientific literature. It is worth mentioning that most chalcedony contains small amounts of another SiO2 polymorph, moganite, so it is not always pure quartz.


Cryptocrystalline Quartz: Flint

Cryptocrystalline Quartz: Agate

Cryptocrystalline Quartz: Radiolarite Chert








“Herkimer-style” Quartz Agate Agate-Jasper Agatized coral Amarillo Stone Amberine Amethyst Ametrine Apricotine Aquaprase Arkansas Candle Aventurine Azurchalcedony Babel-Quartz Ball Jasper Basanite Bayate Beekite Binghamite Bloodstone Blue Chalcedony Blue Lace Agate Blue QuartzBotswana Agate Brazilian Pebble Brecciated Agate Buhrstone Bull Quartz Burnt amethyst Cactus Quartz Cape May Diamond Capped Quartz Carnelian Chalcedony Chrome-Chalcedony Chrysojasper Citrine Clear Lake Diamond Cloud Agate Cotterite Crazy Lace Agate Creolite Cubosilicite Dallasite Damsonite Darlingite Dendritic Agate Diackethyst Dotsero Diamond Dragonite Egyptian Jasper Eisenkiesel El Doradoite Enhydro Agate Eye Agate Faden Quartz Fairburn Agate Fensterquarz Ferruginous Quartz Fire Agate Fortification Agate Fossil Agate Gwindel Haema-ovoid-agates Hair Amethyst Haytorite Hedgehog Stone Herbeckite Iris Agate Iris Quartz Irnimite Jacinto de Compostela Quartz Jasper Keystonite Chalcedony Kinradite Laguna Agate Lake Superior Agate Landscape Agate Lithium Quartz Macromosaic Quartz Mexican Lace Agate Milky Quartz Mocha Stone Moss AgateMutzschen Diamonds Myrickite Nipomo Agate Oil Quartz Onyx Owyhee Jasper Pastelite Pietersite Pigeon Blood Agate Plasma Plume Agate Prase Prase-malachite Prasiolite Pseudocubic Quartz Quartzine Quetzalitztli Riband Agate Riband Jasper Rock Crystal Rose Quartz Rutilated QuartzSagenite (of Kunz) Sard Sardonyx Sceptre Quartz Schwimmstein Seftonite Shocked Quartz Smoky Quartz Snakeskin Agate Star Quartz Suttroper Quarz Vallum Diamond Vogelaugenachat Vogelaugenjaspis Watercolour jasper Wilkite Youngite.

Other Information
Electrical: piezoelectric, pyroelectric, may be triboluminescent. Thermal Behaviour: Transforms to beta-quartz at 573 deg C and 1 bar (100 kPa) pressure. Health Risks: Quartz is usually quite harmless unless broken or powdered. Broken crystals and masses may have razor-sharp edges that can easily cut skin and flesh. Handle with care. Do not grind dry since long-term exposure to finely ground powder may lead to silicosis. Industrial Uses: Ore for silicon, glassmaking, frequency standards, optical instruments, silica source for concrete setting, filtering agents as sand. Major component of sand.


A M E T H Y S T, AYOREITA MINE, La Gaiba District, Sandoval Province, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia.


Amethyst ayoreita mine    Amethyst ayoreita mine 2


A M E T R I N E, ANAHI MINE, La Gaiba District, Sandoval Province, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia
Ametrine crystals are made of alternating sectors of purple and yellow to orange color. Slabs cut perpendicular to the c axis of the crystal look a bit like a pinwheel. The purple sectors are situated under the positive rhombohedral faces (r), and the yellow sectors under the negative rhombohedral faces (z).
While the purple sectors are made of amethyst, the yellow or orange sectors are not made of citrine, because they are colored by inclusions of iron compounds and would more properly called ferruginous quartz. Accordingly, upon heating ametrine the purple sectors pale, while the yellow-orange sectors keep their color.
The Anahi Mine lies in a heavily forested area of plains and rolling hills in the tropical lowlands of far eastern Bolivia, close to the border of Brazil.
The mine exploits quartz veins in dolomitic limestone. Its products include amethyst (on average, 44% of production by weight), ametrine (33% of production) and citrine (23% of production), along with colorless or milky quartz of little or no value and not quantified above. Most of the mining occurs underground, although some strip pits have been open.


HERKIMER DIAMONDS, are a quartz crystal variation, that are found in the foothills, just outside of Herkimer County, NY, USA, China, Argentina, Bolivia and other countries. The Herkimer Name they are known worldwide for. These are some of the most optical clear and lustrous crystals in the world. Herkimers formed approx. 450 – 500 Million Years ago in small pockets of dolostone/ dolomite Limestone and bedrock, the 3rd hardest rock in the world. Most mining is done by hand, a very painstaking process. Machines & power tools can be used to remove over burden and to open pockets.
Herkimer Diamonds are one of the most valuable and clearest of all quartz and are sought the world over by collectors and for their Metaphysical properties. These amazing crystals get their name because they are similar in shape and clarity and sparkle to real diamonds but they are very lustrous quartz. They are named after the County / Town in which they were found in the area and the Town of Herkimer, NY. Herkimer Diamonds naturally form with 18 facets and are double terminated (points at both ends). They have a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale of Hardness, with 10 being the Hardest (real diamonds). The smaller “Gems” can be flawless in clarity that has no rival in the quartz world, they begin to have inclusions over 1/2″ in size. They can grow large up to 12″ or so but most are in the smaller sizes up to 4″ range. All though locations in Fonda are producing larger Herks 6″+






PHOSPHOPHYLLITE possesses a color almost unique in gems, a lovely blue-green shade enhanced by cutting. This is a very rare mineral. Stones are seldom available because of lack of incentive to cut up good crystals. Few large stones exist; the material is quite brittle and fragile and very difficult to cut, with an easily developed cleavage. This is one of the more desirable of the collector gems as well as one of the more expensive ones. Analysis has shown the Bolivian material to be almost Mn-free, unlike the German material that contains Mn.
Value The International Gem Society (IGS) has a list of businesses offering gemstone appraisal services.




Optics: a=1.595-1.599; β= 1.614-1.616; γ=1.616-1.621.
Biaxial (-). 2V: 45°.
Occurrence: in massive sulfide deposits (Bolivia) and in granite pegmatites (Germany)
Potosi, Bolivia: magnificent single crystals up to about 3×2 inches; refractive indices of this material 1.597—1 .621, density 3.08, fine blue-green color, transparent.
Hagendarf, Germany: small crystals associated with secondary phosphate minerals.
Name: After Greek words for phosphorus-bearing and cleavable.
by Dr. Joel Arem



PHOSPHOPHYLLITE is one of the “Holy Grails” of rare gems. The material is one of the ultimate combinations of rarity and beauty. Virtually all of the gem quality Phosphophyllite in the world is found at the San Luis de Potosi and the Unificada mine, the famous silver mining district of Potosi, Bolivia.





CASSITERITE: Bolivia (14.25, 3.5)

Cassiterite has tremendous dispersive fire, much more than diamond, that is visible in properly cut pale-colored gems. This lighter-colored material is, however, very rare except in small fragments. Cassiterite is a fine gemstone – it is rather hard, and there is no cleavage problem. It is unfortunate that cuttable rough is so scarce. Cassiterites under 5 carats are not among the rarest of rare stones, but large clean gems definitely are.
Cassiterite Value
The International Gem Society (IGS) has a list of businesses offering gemstone appraisal services.




OPTICS: o= 2.006; e = 2.097 – 2.101 Uniaxial (+); anomalously biaxial, 2V = 0-38°, usually in zoned crystals.
OCCURRENCE: Principal ore of tin; occurs in medium to high temperature veins; metasomatic deposits; granite pegmatites; rhyolites; alluvial deposits.
Alaska; Washington; California; Nevada; South Dakota; South Carolina; Virginia.
Canada; Mexico; Cornwall, England; Portugal; Japan; China; New South Wales, Australia
Araca Mine
Bolivia: source of most of the gem material known: yellow, gray, colorless and light yellowish brown to reddish brown.
Spain: gem material in yellowish to red cuttable pieces.
Erongo tinfields, Namibia: gem material.
COMMENTS: Cassiterite has tremendous dispersive fire, much more than diamond, that is visible in properly cut pale-colored gems. This lighter-colored material is, however, very rare except in small fragments. Cassiterite is a fine gemstone – it is rather hard, and there is no cleavage problem. It is unfortunate that cuttable rough is so scarce. Cassiterites under 5 carats are not among the rarest of rare stones, but large clean gems definitely are.
NAME: The Greek word for tin is kassiteros. by Dr. Joel Arem

Example of values:


Cassiterite Dark Orange, 7.10 ct. oval cut, measuring 10.1 x 7.6 x 6.0 mm, from Brazil. It displays a deep orange color in a well cut oval that is eye clean. Priced at $ 150.- per carat, or $ 1,065.00 Gem




Cassiterite Dark Brown, 5.29 ct. fancy square brilliant cut measuring 7.6 x 7.4 x 5.6 mm, very lt. inclusions, from Bolivia. Bolivia is well known for its tin deposits, of which cassiterite is an. This is a well cut gem from this classic location. Priced at $ 70.- per carat, or $ 370.30 Gem




Cassiterite Dark/Lt Brown, 3.30 ct. emerald, brilliant cut measuring 7.3 x 6.1 x 4.4 mm, very lt. inclusions, from Bolivia. This gem displays color zones that are common in cassisterite. One side is dark brown while the other side is a light brown in color.
Priced at $ 80.- per carat, or $ 264.00 Gem.




V I V I A N I T E 1V I V I A N I T E 2V I V I A N I T E 3V I V I A N I T E 4









The International Gem Society (IGS) has a list of businesses offering gemstone appraisal services.





Streak Colorless, then dark blue after a time.

Optics a= 1.569-1.516; β=1.602-1.656; γ=1.629-1.675 Biaxial (+) ZV: 63-830.

Occurrence A secondary mineral in ore veins: also occurs as an alteration product of primary phosphate minerals in granite pegmatites; forms as sedimentary concretions.

Canada; Australia; Japan; Germany; USSR; USA; France; England. Huanuni, Tomokoni, Morococala, Llallagua and Poopo, Bolivia: fine cuttable crystals to 6 inches long. N’gaoundere, Cameroon: massive crystals up to 4 feet long, dark in color, cuttable.

Comments Vivianite is so fragile and soft that cut gems would be difficult to handle safely, let alone wear. The material darkens spontaneously, so the color of an attractive stone might disappear after a time, making it less enticing to spend the time cutting such material. The color of vivianite is very rich, and a few stones have been cut anyway.
Name After J. G. Vivian, an English mineralogist who discovered the species.
by Dr. Joel Arem


Quartz Formations … Specific Configurations




Activation Quartz also known as Time Link Quartz



Activation Quartz is also known as Time Link Quartz or Portal Quartz. These are quartz formations that have a rectangular window which may also look like a little triangle in some crystals, often quite small, between two of the other faces.
The rectangle/triangle is usually inclined and will be left or right inclined, when you are looking at the main face with the point upwards, and these have separate meanings.
The left activation quartz is inclined left from the main or primary face of the piece of crystal that it is on.
This is a useful crystal to stimulate left brain thought, so it may stimulate logical, objective and analytical thinking, and it may help to remove energy blockages within the opposite or right side of the body.
The right activation quartz is inclined towards the right of the main or primary face of the crystal, and it may help to remove energy blockages within the opposite or left side of the body.
This vibration may assist right brain thinking, including creativity, creative writing, musical abilities and the ability to express your emotions more clearly.

Barnacle Crystals


Barnacle Crystal



Barnacle Crystals are larger crystals that are covered with smaller crystals, usually not all over, but may be just covering part of the bigger crystal.
These big crystals are often old soul crystals, that attract the smaller crystals at some time during their growth cycle.
The image on the right is of the same large crystal cluster shown further down the page, as it has many tiny crystals on the bottom side of it.
The metaphysical attributes of barnacle crystals relate to their relationship to the idea of family, community or to being of service. They can be helpful to aid family issues and to assist those who work in a service capacity, so healers may like to have one in their healing room.
People who may particularly benefit from the energy of quartz formations like these, may be those who work as doctors, nurses, teachers or healers, or anyone who has strong feelings about the giving of service to others.


Beta Quartz

Beta Quartz




Beta Quartz is a type of quartz that is named for its specific form, as it occurs as hexagonal or trapezohedral-hemihedral crystals.
Their crystal properties pertain to their use to interpret the meaning of dreams and visions from spirit, and to ensure you receive a clear channel of information from the Divine source or from your higher self.
These quartz formations are also helpful to have on you when divining or dowsing, as they will help you to clearly decipher directional information, and be able to deduce the answers to all questions asked as you go.


Bridge Crystals
Bridge Crystals




Bridge Crystals are also sometimes called inner child crystals.
These crystals can be distinguished by the way that part of one crystals is partially penetrating another crystal, and may regularly be found in crystal clusters.
This is one of the quartz formations that may be an asset for spiritual work, as they may form a bridge between this world and the spiritual realm.
They are known to be useful to help anyone who is teaching others, and particularly teachers of subjects of a spiritual nature.
The crystal shown here is a piece of Satyaloka Quartz, and it therefore makes sense to me that it would show this configuration as it is a highly spiritual quartz variety.


Burr Crystals
Burr Crystals



Burr Crystals radiate from the center, but in no particular structure as they do not actually have a center matrix.
These beautiful clusters have a delicate and quite lovely form.
Some authors also call these starburst crystals, but Burr is my preferred name, as starburst can be confusing as that also refers to another quartz type.
This is a stunning crystal configuration, as energy from the many points flows out in all directions.
This is one of the more unusual quartz formations, as the crystals grow in their own way with no particular restrictions on their growth.
This is an analogy for the way this energy works in your life, as these beautiful crystals motivate you to live your life without a need for limits, and allowing a flow of energy within your life.


Candle Quartz
Candle Quartz aka Celestial Quartz




Candle Quartz is also known as Celestial Quartz and they are quite unique quartz formations.
This formation always has a central crystal, that is surrounded by many tiny terminations, all over the body of the crystal, and this resembles the way that wax drips from a candle, hence the name Candle Quartz.
They often occur as a group of crystals, like the one shown here, with other smaller central crystals below the major point, see smaller points at bottom left.
Each of the smaller crystals have the same type of terminations on their sides. The metaphysical attributes of this quartz configuration, relate to a number of diverse aspects.
They are known to be an aid to bestow abundance in your life, and are helpful in any room where business is carried on, as they are known to stimulate the prosperity of the business.
They are also wonderful stones to use for meditation, as they help you to make a stronger connection with the Divine mind, and may assist your intuition to strengthen.
They are powerful to support travel in the higher realms, and may help you to discover past life information from the Akashic records.


Cathedral Quartz
Cathedral Quartz





Cathedral Quartz has a quite obvious configuration, and quite a few of these pieces are quite large stunning crystals.
This configuration relates to a stone with one point that is above the rest like a peak. It is surrounded by many points surrounding the central one, parallel to but not quite as tall as the central point, and all of the points have a common central base.
This is one of the more useful quartz formations to use for group work, and even smaller pieces with this configuration are excellent to use to bring people together.
It is an excellent crystal to make a connection with the Divine mind, and it will help you to raise the thoughts of the group to a higher vibration, so is useful to have present during a group meditation.
These crystals are also known as Lightbrary (or light libraries) as they are useful to aid you to make a connection to the Akashic records. At this time you may gain access to information about past lives, and help you to understand your reasons for incarnating at this time.
This configuration makes a good healing crystal as well. If the crystal is small enough, it can be used by placing it directly over the area requiring healing.
While the clear quartz Lightbrary crystals are common, it is also found in Smokey Quartz and commonly as Citrine Kundalini quartz, and occasionally in other formations, like the Lepidolite Quartz, pictured in the right side column.

Channeling Quartz


Channeling Quartz




Channeling Quartz Crystals can be recognized by their specific 7-3 configuration.
They have a seven sided face as the main face on the crystal, and this is known as a channeller face, and on the opposite or back side, they also have a triangular face.
There are three different types of quartz formations that are known as channeling crystals and this relates to how many of the 7-3 combinations occur on the crystal.
The picture shown here is the main or largest crystal in a clear quartz crystal cluster, and it has only one each of the 7 sided and 3 sided faces.
They may occur with one, two or three pairs of faces, each seven and three sided.
Those with one pair are known as Initiation crystals, with two pairs Integration or Transmitter crystals and those with three pairs of faces, each with seven and three sides, are known as Temple Heart Dow or Trans-Channelling crystals.
All of these quartz formations are excellent used in meditation, and they are all powerful crystal to stimulate spiritual growth. They have strong action to aid you to elevate your spirituality and to make major changes in your life.


Crater Quartz


Crater Quartz




Crater Quartz are where two pieces of quartz have been growing together and then during their life cycle they separate.
Where the base of the other crystal was located it can leave a large four to six sided impression in the other crystal.
Crater crystals are one of the quartz formations that are helpful to help you to deal with grief, loss or separation.
While these are personal crystals that you use to aid your own healing, they can be used during a crystal healing and might be placed at the heart, to help you to release grief and heart ache.


Cross Quartz Crystal


Cross Quartz




Cross Quartz Crystal is a quartz crystal that forms in the shape of a cross.
You can see an example of this configuration in this gorgeous high vibration Himalayan Crystal shown here.
The vibration of the cross crystal is an excellent energy to use at all or any chakras, and it will quickly clear and activate the chakra.
This is one of the quartz formations that may be helpful if you are studying spiritual subjects, the arts or humanities, and is helpful to enhance your creativity.
These crystals are known to help to remove implants too. Used at the crown chakra, these crystal stones will amplify the energy there. A wonderfully spiritual stone!


Crystal Balls


Clear Quartz Crystal Ball with a lovely little rainbow!





Crystal Balls are also known as Spheres, and have been traditionally fashioned from either clear quartz or clear calcite.
If you wish to use quartz, while any type of quartz can be used, clear quartz is customary. When I say clear quartz, this also includes quartz with inclusions like the sphere shown here.
Quartz crystal spheres have an advantage over and above other types of crystal, because they have wonderful amplification properties, and because they can be programmed to aid you to use them.

The sphere or orb shape is commonly used as a tool for scrying, meaning that they can be used to look at past, future or present events.
They may aid you to gain understanding of what has happened, or what will happen.
They may also assist you to make contact with your spirit guide. Spirit guides may make themselves known to you via an image that appears in the crystal ball.
Using a crystal ball may also boost psychic gifts, including psychic visions, also known as clairvoyant abilities.
Due to their amplification properties they can also be used as a healing tool.
They are one of the most potent healing tools to use for sending distance healing, as they may boost the energy sent simply by placing your hands on the sphere while sending.
Balls made of other types of quartz are also powerful. Balls can be made of other types of quartz, like the Strawberry Quartz sphere on the right.
Quartz crystal balls may be made from Rose Quartz or Amethyst Crystal which are wonderful used in your home or in a healing room, as they resonate wonderful healing energy into their surroundings, as the energy resonates from all over the ball.


Devic Crystals



Devic Crystal, this crystal also has rainbows within it





Devic Crystals are particular stones where you can clearly see shown, the presence of the deva of the crystal within the crystal.
While all crystals have a deva within them, sometimes the deva likes to show herself/himself to you.
Sometimes you can see a quite clear likeness in these quartz formations, such as what looks like an angel, a being of some sort, or even a rainbow, but always it is something that makes you aware of the presence of this being within the crystal.
In this piece of double terminated Black Quartz, I can see what looks like an elf with a white beard. Once you begin looking you may be surprised how many of your crystals have an image shown within them.
These Devic beings can be fairies, angelic beings, or even extra-terrestrial beings, and many are earth beings or elementals. Some of these crystals may be doorways or portals that can be used to access other dimensions.
If you discover one of these crystals, meditate with it to discover why it has come into your life, and what your role is as the keeper of this special crystal.


Dolphin Crystals


Dolphin Crystal



Dolphin Crystals are where a smaller crystal grows on the side of a larger crystal, and this is similar to the idea of a baby being carried on the back of a mother.
The babies that grow on the larger crystals have no base, and often occur on double terminated crystals but not necessarily.
The smaller crystals may often be double terminated, like the one in the image on the right. The metaphysical attributes of Dolphin quartz formations relate to their action to encourage you to act in a teaching and nurturing role.
Some excellent ways to utilize them is to use them in group work, as they may assist the members of the group to be responsible for each other.
Their energy aids sharing, teaching, supporting and guiding others to achieve their highest good. They are excellent crystals to help spiritual teachers to mentor members of the group.


Double Terminated Quartz



Double Terminated Quartz



Double Terminated Quartz crystals come in many different types of stone, and are excellent quartz formations that have many beneficial properties.
These crystals may also be known as floaters, as they commonly grow individually rather than being attached to a host rock. They commonly form while floating in a super heated clay base.
This allows points on both ends of the crystal to naturally grow. You may notice that healing wands, both natural and man-made, are also double terminated crystals, as this configuration constitutes a strong crystal for healing.
As they both take in and transmit energy from each end of the crystal, this makes these powerful tools to use for a number of purposes.
In particular they have a powerful ability to heal emotional hurt. They are useful crystals to use for doing body layouts, as they will energize the chakra system, and create movement of any stagnant energy in the body.


Elestial Quartz


Elestial Quartz




Elestial Quartz are also known as Skeletal Quartz, Alligator Quartz or Jacare Quartz Crystal, the last because Jacare means Alligator in Portuguese.
These quartz crystals have unusual terminations on their faces. They have an amazing energy to help you to make a connection to the higher spiritual realms, and contact beings there, and to particularly connect with angelic beings.
They help to regulate how much energy you receive, and help you to receive the right amount needed at the time you are using them.
Crystal with these quartz formations are excellent for bone related problems, especially after you have had surgery. They will help you to heal from a variety of problems.


Empathic Warrior Crystals


Empathic Warrior Crystal



Empathic Warrior Crystals are stones that show damage somewhere on the stone, and this can be either on the point or sides.
This is one of the quartz formations that many people ignore, because they aren’t the perfect pristine crystal, but having one in your collection will benefit you when you don’t know where to turn for help.
Crystals that have been damaged at some point in their journey, are wonderful to use when you are dealing with problems in your life, especially those that you have trouble knowing how to handle.
They emit a strong empathic energy that is good to help anyone who has a damaged relationship, or even when you simply feel that way, even if it may not be true.
This crystal configuration helps you to heal wounding, whether it is on the mental, spiritual or emotional level.


Enhydro Crystals


Enhydro Herkimer Diamond



Enhydro Crystals are crystals that have water included inside the crystal, like a little bubble inside the stone. This water was encapsulated within the inside of the piece of quartz during its formation.
Enhydro quartz crystals are excellent quartz formations to use to aid healing of emotional issues, and as well as that are powerful stones to assist change in your life.
They are supportive stone to aid you to feel empathy for another’s situation, and may stimulate your imagination in a down to earth way.


Etched Quartz


Etched Quartz

Etched Quartz crystals come in various configurations, but they can be recognized by the presence of abrasions on the surfaces of the crystals.
They can be any color as long as they have natural etching on the stone. The quartz formations of these crystals gives them healing properties that relate to their action to help you to gain access to healing information from the past.
Ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria used crystals for healing and some of this information may be able to be accessed using these crystals, as it is stored in the etheric.
Use etched crystals in meditation, by placing them on your third eye chakra, which may aid you to access the information that is available in the spiritual realms.
Before entering the meditative state ask Spirit to give you what you require and be open to receiving the information you need. You may learn knowledge from the past related to using crystals for healing.
Even if you may not be sure if you have received this knowledge, you may find that the information is there available to you when you are using crystals, and feel “intuitively” to use them in some special way.


Extra Terminations



Extra Terminations or ET Crystal



Extra Terminations or ET Crystals are crystals that have a single point on one end, and on the other end have multiple terminations.
These are usually self healed crystals that have fully healed and regrown many terminations in the area where the crystal healed.
This is one of the quartz formations that can be very powerful for healers to use. They help to bring energy in via the single point, and then broadcast it to a large area of the body via the multiple points.
If you use it as a wand with the multiple points directed towards the body, this may help to bring healing to a range of areas that are being worked on, and at a higher level.
They are also believed to aid you to make contact with beings in the higher realms, such as angels, and beings from other galaxies or other areas of the universe.


Faden Quartz


Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz have specific quartz formations, that are characterized by a fuzzy white line running through them, which may vary in size but is quite clearly seen.
Many are tabular crystals and the Faden line runs parallel to the tabular side. The line is a place where the crystals fractured and then healed afterwards, and this healing aspect makes them one of the premier healing crystals.
Most Faden quartz are clear quartz crystals but you may find some rare stones that are Smoky Quartz. Like all quartz crystals they are easy to program, and in particular you might like to use them for healing specific health issues.
This crystals healing properties specifically relate to health problems such as broken bones, torn muscles and issues in the nervous system.
Once a piece of Faden Quartz takes a program, it will keep the program for a long time, so think carefully and give your piece a powerful and useful program that will continue to aid your health.
If you wish to read more information on programming quartz crystals, check out this article on crystal meditation for instructions.


Fairy Crystals


Fairy Crystals


Fairy Crystals have a sweet delicate structure, and are lovely crystals to bring joy and happiness into your surroundings.
These quartz formations are fairly uncommon, as the crystals are so fine and delicate that they are easily broken so they require a lot of care to bring them out of the ground intact.
Due to the large number of points in these clusters they radiate energy in all directions, which means they elevate the vibration of the room where they are located.


Fenster crystals


Fenster Crystal



Fenster crystals are a high vibration variety of quartz, and are excellent crystals to use to aid spiritual growth.
The name Fenster comes from the German word for window. They are called this as they are known for the many windows and openings on the faces of the crystals.
These crystals have some of the same type of natural terminations on the faces as Elestial Quartz, along with featuring natural triangular shaped quartz formations as part of the configuration of the crystal.
They are powerful stones to stimulate psychic visions, and the sight, commonly known as clairvoyance. You may use the openings or windows of these crystals during meditation.
Entering these chambers can lead you into different dimensions, where you can learn information about your soul’s path and your purpose is for being here in this incarnation.
Fenster Quartz crystals are excellent for healing emotional issues, especially past life problems of a karmic nature. Excellent to aid addictions and especially eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.
These crystals vibrate strongly within the third eye and crown chakra, and may help you to go deeper into situations to find solutions. They are an excellent stone to aid you to heal the inner child, and to deal with unresolved childhood trauma.
A useful healing stone that is powerful to be used by anyone who sends energy, such as reiki or other distance healing modalities.


Golden Rutilated Quartz Generator Crystal



Golden Rutilated Quartz Generator Crystal





Generators are also known as Merlin Crystal, and can be recognized by their symmetry, as they have six equal faces that are all symmetrical, and they meet perfectly at the point.
They can be found in a range of crystal types, and although many are Clear Quartz, you may find them as Rose Quartz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz or like the one shown on the right, made from Golden Rutilated Quartz, and many are interesting pieces with amazing inclusions in the stone.
They are called a generator as they are powerful to generate energy, and help you to utilize the power of the earths energy.
They are one of the more powerful quartz formations to add to your collection, as they are known to have a powerful effect on all aspects of your being, and will heal you physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.
You may find that many generators are actually man-made, in that they may have been cut from a larger piece of what is known as massive quartz into this configuration. This is because it is known that this is one of the more powerful quartz formations to use for healing.


Amethyst Geode




Amethyst Geode





Geodes are becoming more common, and they come in a range of sizes, from tiny Geodes to large pieces that may also be known as crystal caves.
Geodes like the one shown here, which is made of Purple Amethyst Crystal, are wonderful assets to have in your home or office.
If you are healer of any type, one of these beautiful pieces would be a powerful addition to your healing room.
Because Geodes are made up of a number of individual crystals, the energy of each crystal in the group can be utilized.
The vibration of large geodes will resonate within the surrounding area, as the energy flows out, to bring healing to those nearby.
Yet this energy is softer and less intense, because it just flows out as required.
While a Geode is not really a quartz cluster, these two quartz formations have similar meanings. Both are made up of a number of individual smaller crystals combined together in one large piece of crystal.

They are excellent crystals to encourage connections between people, and may bring healing to anyone in the area where they are located, as they resonate a strong healing vibration.

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